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Wine consumption increases during quarantine

June 5th 2020

The new coronavirus is destroying the world economy and the wine industry has not gone untouched. In a sad moment in which drink buyers are lost — restaurants, bars and stores are closed daily all over the world —, e-commerce emerges as a possible  light at the end of the tunnel.


According to the advisor of the MyCashBack platform, which supports companies such as Americanas, Ricardo Eletro, Carrefour, Fastshop, Casas Bahia, Saraiva and Extra, while physical stores cannot operate, electronic sales take flight. According to data from the platform itself, there was a 200% growth in traffic and orders in March, compared to the same period in 2019, as well as a 60% increase compared to the previous month. Wine, of course, comes together and stands out in the world among the most bought products online in this crisis.


In the United States, the world's biggest market for almost everything, digital wine orders soared. According to The Drinking Business website, beverage sales in general soared and wine was the champion of requests at home. In the week ending March 14, purchases increased 27.6% in wines, 26.4% in spirits and 14% in beers. Larger packages, such as a three-liter bag-in-box, grew more, 53%. Canned wines, starting from a smaller base, grew by a dizzying 95%!


According to the German magazine Meiningers Wine Business International, the American website had its sales doubled last week and tripled during the weekend. Meiningers also reports that in the United Kingdom, the Majetic Wine network had its website blocked, so the traffic of orders, with an increase of 44% in Italian bottles and 68% in French.

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