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Representatives of Cooperatives from PE and AL visit Sistema Ocepar
September 24th 2021

Nine managers of cooperatives in the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas were received on 8/30/2021, by the president of the Ocepar System, José Roberto Ricken and by the superintendent of Sescoop/PR, Leonardo Boesche. The visit is part of the Strategic Alignment Program for Agricultural Cooperatives and includes representatives from the cooperatives Coaf, Cooafsul, Coopervales (AL), Pindorama (AL), Agrocan, Coopexvale and Valexfruit.

The visit focuses on the development of cooperatives in Pernambuco and intercooperation. The idea is to encourage and strengthen their performance in the market. For this purpose, the cooperatives are receiving consultancy for structuring a business plan, with the purpose of evaluating the creation of a central cooperative or federation. In the afternoon, the delegation went on to meet Unium, which brings together the Castrolanda, Frisia and Capal cooperative in a joint business project.

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