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Presença da Valexfruit no ENCA

O Encontro Nacional das Cooperativas Agropecuárias (ENCA) reúne as principais cooperativas agropecuárias do país para discutir os desafios do agro, em busca...

Representatives of Cooperatives from PE and AL visit Sistema Ocepar

Nine directors of cooperatives in the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas were received on 8/30/2021 by the president of the Ocepar System, José Roberto Ricken and ...

Valexfruit grew 25% in the pandemic and sent first exports

The high dollar and the greater concern of Brazilian and worldwide consumers with health boosted the consumption of fruit and, consecutively, the market for producers in the São Francisco Valley... 

Wine consumption increases during quarantine

The new coronavirus is destroying the world economy and the wine industry has not gone untouched. In a sad moment when it loses itself from drink buyers,...

Valexfruit starts exporting fine grapes to Europe

On October 18, Valexfruit started a pilot project to export fine grapes to the European continent. 08 containers were sent with the varieties Vitória and Isis,...

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